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"The cost of junior golf has become un-affordable for our family. From the travel, entry fees and expenses we were faced with many financial challenges. My wife is disabled and we are a living off a single family income with two kids. As a parent we want to provide the best experiences to our kids and we are so thankful for the Drive Fore Juniors help in letting our son live his dream of competing in the best junior events. From his competition on the Notah Begay III Series he was head hunted by College Coaches and was offered a scholarship to attend and compete. Without the Drive Fore Juniors donation and financial assistance, this would not be possible."

"My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in 2020 and was laid off from work due to COVID-19 pandemic. Through the outreach that was provided to Native American youth and the Notah Begay III Series, we were able to apply for financial assistance and offered over $5,000.00 to continue competing in junior golf events. This money has helped us live a normal life and allowed the opportunity for my mom to have less stress and focus on her long journey of recovery. Our family is forever grateful!"

"I am a small business owner and the recent affects of COVID-19 and inflation has severely impacted my business. I was scrambling to find ways to support my daughters golf career and saw no end in site. It's has taken all I got to survive and when I received the notification that fianancial assitance was available wth the Notah Begay III Series, I fell out of my chair! The help and the support the staff gave me was nothing but a miracle. We received financial assitance for over 10+ events and my daughter has gained National exposure, which is rare where we live in New Mexico."

"My son is a young passionate junior golfer and we have come to the realization of how expensive the sport has become. My son was just starting to get interested and when we went to sign-up for events were shocked at how much the events cost. We gave up on registering due to the cost and our financial situation. A few months later, we received a text from another family in a similar position and it was a link to apply to compete for FREE! We thought this was something our of a fairy tale. Hesitant, we applied for the financial assistance and within 24-hours we received funs to help my son register for events all year. My son is now in love with the game and has not given up on his dream."

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