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Our Partnership & Mission

Because there is a growing need for resources to compete in junior golf, DRIVE FORE JUNIORS will partner with the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship, Notah Begay III Junior Golf Tour, Notah Begay III Foundation and The *LPGA* USGA Girls Golf Foundation to promote the game of golf.


Our collaborative efforts will provide junior golfers who are in need of financial assistance with tournament entry fees, travel expenses, equipment, apparel, and scholarships needed to compete at the national level. In addition to our partnerships, the organization will host events, junior-ams, and fundraisers to provide our support and inspiration. 


This past fall, the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship will broadcast the second edition of the all-girls & all-boys final on The Golf Channel. The NB3JGNC is strongly committed to its mission of access and inclusion which aims to provide any junior golfer from any background a chance to compete and excel.  Our model is based on the concept that socio-economic status, social or domestic challenges should not prevent an aspiring young player from pursuing golf competitively.  The NB3JGNC platform provides an open pathway, funding support, technical assistance and valuable exposure so that young players can create a path of success for their life and golf.


Inspired by the career of  Notah Begay III, the JGNC team has created a framework that will inspire young golfers to pursue excellence in the classroom, boardroom or on the golf course.  Over the last three years we have increased accessibility to the game for kids that have historically existed on the periphery of the competitive golf space.  In collaboration with our partners, we will continue to establish precedents in the junior golf space that will break down barriers create new opportunities.

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